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The name Obon (お盆) can be translated to ‘tray’ in Japanese, on which food can be served, seemingly fitting in with the Restaurants. Like their respective names, the Kingston branch offers mainly Sushi & Udon whilst the Teddington branch offers mainly Sushi & Grill.


Only certified quality Sashimi grade fish is used for all Sashimi and Sushi handled with meticulous care by our experienced Chef’s as the belief of the Head Chef, whom is also the director of Obon, is that the highest quality of ingredients must be used to deliver the best experience for the customer’s who have taken their time to visit.


Obon Sushi & Udon in Kingston has been open since 2015 and has become a much loved Restaurant to people both in Kingston and from far beyond. There is a homely feel to the place where ones eye will be wondering to explore the dainty decor.


The Teddington branch, Obon Sushi & Grill, newly opened in 2022 has a sleeker appearance, that is simple yet elegant. A twist to the menu with the brand new grill offering a variety of appetising skewers, enticing grilled fish and also chicken, calls for all people and not only sushi lovers.


Be sure to book a table in advance as both locations provide a cosy and intimate dining experience with only seven tables at Kingston and six at Teddington.

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