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fresh Sushi
for everyone

Obon Sushi & Udon in Kingston has been open since 2015 and has become a much loved Restaurant to people both in Kingston and from far beyond. There is a homely feel to the place where ones eye will be wondering to explore the dainty decor.


The Teddington branch, Obon Sushi & Grill, newly opened in 2022 has a sleeker appearance, that is simple yet elegant. A twist to the menu with the brand new grill offering a variety of appetising skewers, enticing grilled fish and also chicken, calls for all people and not only sushi lovers.

Our menu

We have a fresh selection of sushi & sashimi with a variety of dishes from maki, grills, skewers, tempura, udon and more, waiting to be explored . . .


In Teddington, we've launched a fantastic new BBQ menu featuring a variety of mouthwatering beef and pork dishes. Swing by and treat yourself to some seriously tasty dishes!


Grill your own beef and pork at your table or enjoy expertly grilled dishes straight from the kitchen.


And of course, our famous Obon sushi and Lunch bento boxes are still available.

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